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I had the pleasure of doing a bass/recording clinic at an amazing BOCES program out in Riverhead, Long Island. What an amazing program centered on music recording!!! The COOLEST thing about it was that the person running the program is Bill Sperl!! He was THE person who ran an audio recording school out on Long Island and responsible for my invaluable experience in studio recording for most of my early music career!! They would give bands an opportunity to record for free as test subjects for their recording class. My World always had songs we wanted to record and were always well rehearsed. So sometimes we would get a call that day asking if we could fill in for a cancellation. And this happened a lot! It is uncanny how many bands cancelled! Slackers!!!! They surely lost out!!

  1. Bill is an incredible teacher and really treated us like professionals. These students are truly privileged to have him as a teacher and mentor! It was great to speak to two of his classes and share some of my experiences in this whacky world of music!I really appreciate you having me in!! I really loved meeting your students and catching up with you!Michael Tobias Design: MTD USA & Kingston Basses and Guitars, Hofner Guitars, Nordstrand Audio, DR STRINGS, Tech 21 NYC, Peterson Tuners, Radial Engineering Ltd., Hipshot Products Inc Aguilar Amplification (Phil Jones that Double Four was a HUGE hit! They all had a hard time comprehending how much bass came out of that!!) MY WORLD - The Band...The Music...The Physiosonic Phenomenon Chris Munger John Montalbano Rob Noxious

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