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MY WORLD – “RON” (Official Music Video)


The concept of the song is about a common man named “Ron”, drafted into the military during WWII. He is not a fighter, never hurt anyone in his life. Not an overachiever. No real aspirations but to lead an everyday existence with his friends, maybe get married, have a family, career who knows? Now he finds himself in a position on the front line of a war he doesn’t even understand because he was “never into politics or world events”, where if he doesn’t muster up the courage and the anger to fight for his life, he probably won’t be coming home. He hears echoes and voices in his head saying “I shouldn’t even be here”, “I am an animal”, “I am a slave”, “Give up soldier. It’s the end of the line”, “Wake up soldier. Are you seeing the sign?” His voice builds up gradually into that primal scream to unleash his anger on the enemy.

The video concept…which came from director Kevin McCafferty, summed it up in the quote which opens the video. Ernest Hemmingway, “The world breaks everyone and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

Each one of us from every walk of life has our trials and challenges. Each of those challenges are our own individual war whether its struggling to “make it” in our art, scrimping to pay our bills, hearing a man beating his wife down the hall, coming to grips with addictions, getting “downsized” from your job, etc. Each one of those situations can challenge us to the limits of our existence. Each situation requires courage to break loose to either do something about itor lay down and die.

The diversity of everyone in this video represents the general population, and each person in the video lets out that primal scream of challenge against whatever that “thing” is that tries to break us.

We really had an awesome team of people involved in the making of this video and it was really a blast!

Here is the cast: Kevin McCafferty – Director/Producer/Videographer – Mobile Video Productions –

Tobias Finkelstein – Editor/Videographer – Mobile Video Productions –

Actors/Actresses: Crazylegs Conti Kevin Corrigan Barbara Duerrer Steven Grillo John Holmstrom Catherine Long Roy McDonald Heidi Merrill Rachel Niu Brian O’Halloran Mason Reese

My World: Chris Munger John Montalbano

Lighting – Roy McDonald – BriteShot- Lighting – Steven Grillo – BriteShot – Make-up/Hair – Jenn Lynn

Locations: The Gibson Guitars Show Room – Jim Felber Destinations Bar and Grill – Mason Reese

My World would like to thank Gibson Guitars, MTD Basses, DR Strings for the gear used in this video!

We would also like to thank everyone at the the BMG/Chrysalis/Fieldhouse family for all of their support!!!

The Facebook and Twitter are both @MyWorldBand

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